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Welcome the day with ‘Rise and Shine,’ the ultimate wake-up call in a cup. Our expertly crafted breakfast blend, featuring the finest black Keemun tea, is your passport to a day filled with endless opportunities.

With every sip, be embraced by the enchanting fragrance of honey, setting the tone for a day that’s anything but ordinary. ‘Rise and Shine’ is more than tea; it’s a ritual, a cherished companion to your morning routine.

Indulge in a blend that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also awakens your senses. Let ‘Rise and Shine’ infuse your mornings with rich flavor and invigorating aroma, propelling you towards a day of boundless potential. Start your journey with the extraordinary, right here in your teacup

This English Breakfast tea is made with the finest black Keemun tea from China’s Anhui province. Our breakfast blend has a slight smoky flavor that is balanced with a honeyed aroma

**Available in Sachet Only**


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