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What is Teakeasy?

At Teakeasy, our mission is to redefine the tea experience by merging the worlds of luxury, urban lifestyle, and music-inspired innovation. As a black-owned business founded by Duane and Tara Godby, we aim to bring our passion for music, love, and entrepreneurship to life through the art of tea.

We are committed to providing a curated collection of the finest luxury teas that are ethically sourced from around the world, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and unique flavors.

Inspired by our deep appreciation for music, Teakeasy brings a fresh and upscale twist to the tea industry. We infuse our brand with the creativity and rhythm that music brings, elevating the tea-drinking experience to new heights. Just as music can transport you to another world, we strive to transport our customers to a realm of sophistication, indulgence, and relaxation through our tea offerings.

We continuously seek new ways to delight our customers, whether through unique tea blends or cutting-edge tea brewing techniques. Our commitment to quality, integrity and innovation is unwavering, as we strive to exceed expectations through trust and integrity to create a lasting impact in the luxury tea industry.

Teakeasy is a celebration of passion, culture, and the fulfillment of a long-held dream. We are dedicated to providing a memorable and luxurious tea experience that reflects the diverse and vibrant urban lifestyle. Join us on this journey as we harmonize the worlds of tea and music, indulging your senses and leaving an everlasting impression of elegance and sophistication.

Who we are?

Duane and Tara Godby are the passionate and dynamic couple behind the music-inspired premium tea company, Teakeasy. Both Duane and Tara share a deep love for music, which has not only been a source of inspiration in their personal lives but also the driving force behind Teakeasy.

Duane and Tara recognized that tea had the power to create moments of relaxation, inspiration, energy, and connection, much like music does. Combining their entrepreneurial spirit with their shared passion, they embarked on the journey of creating Teakeasy—a company that celebrates their love for both music and tea.

Years in the making, Teakeasy is the realization of Duane’s and Tara’s big dream. With meticulous attention to detail, they have curated an industry-leading collection of teas that pays homage to different genres, artists, and iconic songs. Each blend is carefully crafted to create a sensory experience that transcends taste, immersing tea lovers in a symphony of flavors and melodies.

As black business owners, Duane and Tara are committed to building not just a successful brand, but also a platform that promotes inclusivity and diversity. They strive to create a welcoming space where people from all walks of life can come together, celebrate their love for music, and enjoy the finest tea selections.

We invite you to join them on this harmonious journey, as they bring the joy and inspiration of music and tea into the lives of tea enthusiasts worldwide.


Our Promise to You

The Best Luxury Tea Selection

We only offer premium grade, loose leaf and sachet teas that have been hand-selected from around the globe.
Each tea blend is carefully crafted to provide a unique flavor experience.

Ethically Sourced Teas

We prioritize working directly with reputable tea estates and suppliers that adhere to fair trade practices and sustainable farming methods.

Community for Enthusiasts and Newbies

We love sharing our passion for tea!

Join our tea community for regular updates, informative articles, and exclusive events related to the captivating world of luxury teas.

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