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Immerse yourself in the spirit of the South with Georgia on my Mind, a delightful oolong tea blend that captures the essence of juicy peaches and warm summer days. Adorned with vibrant Marigold Flowers, this tea is a visual delight that transports you to sun-kissed orchards in full bloom. Succulent Peach Pieces add a burst of fruity goodness, evoking memories of lazy afternoons and blissful moments. Let Georgia on my Mind whisk you away to a place where the golden sweetness of peaches lingers on your tongue, and the allure of the South fills your heart. Sip your way into a southern state of mind with every sip of this delightful blend.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Peach Flavor, Apple Pieces, Marigold Flowers & Peach Pieces.

1 review for Georgia on my Mind

  1. Lisa Richbourg

    🎼🎹🎤. I’m singing “Georgia….” In the description I read words like sophisticated and delightful and succulent and I’m here to tell you the description is accurate. This tea is smooth, warm and delicious. I steeped (before tasting) about 3 minutes and the flavors were still on the way, but when they arrived, it was worth the wait. Delicious, sophisticated, smooth, succulent, soft, surprising, and SUPERB! Well done! I feel like I should be in a sophisticated smoke filled Jazz lounge!

    • taragodby

      HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! We are so glad that you enjoyed it. You caught the EXACT vibe that we were going for.

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