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Black Jockey Bourbon


Unleash the spirit of heritage and indulgence with Black Jockey Bourbon, a black tea blend that pays homage to the rich history of Black Jockeys and the legacy of Kentucky bourbon. Immerse yourself in the depth and sophistication and the invigorating allure of robust flavors that captivate the senses. Let the whispers of Whiskey Flavor whisk you away to the rolling hills of Kentucky, where the finest bourbon is born. Allow Black Jockey Bourbon to take you on a journey through time and flavor, where the legacies of remarkable individuals intertwine with the essence of exceptional bourbon. Raise your cup and toast to the boldness and elegance that resides within every sip.

Ingredients: Keemun Concerto Tea, Rose Hips, Cocoa Nibs, Lapsang Souchong Tea, Whiskey Flavor, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Candy Apple Flavor & Natural Vanilla Flavor.


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